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Atn Optics

Atn optics is the leading provider of quality and value in the hunting industry. Byoffensivelyconvert your sporting activity into a public figure. With their surveyor's glasses, you can see why. The atn sight was hard at work on the development of the surveyor's glasses monocular. With its new 3-14 smart daynight size, it has made the surveyor's glasses areality. The new sight offers excellent visibility in all types of light and also provides good field of view. The atn optics are designed with a tough black anodized aluminum body in an easy to use and consumes hardly no energy. The atn optics are available with the carry case and come with a carry case and the monocles.

Leupold LTO- Tracker Thermal Viewer

Best Atn Optics Comparison

Atn optics is a trusted provider of tactical riflescope ranges and illuminated rifle scales. The monocles monoculars are a great choice for military andlicensing organizations that need to achieve a consistent view on the battlefield. The monocles 3-9x40mm tactical illuminated rifle scope range finder reticle wgreen laser and red dot sight is an excellent choice for the green-lensed shooter, and offers a red-lensed shooter the option of using the reticle's red dot sighting system. And is equipped with a green laser and red dot sight. This rangefinder is perfect for use in the field, and features a durable design and easy-to-use features.
the atn optics monoculars are the perfect way to enjoy shooting with your nighthawk x-sight rifle incomplimentary daynight rifle scope. They feature ultra-hd 4k video technology and super-bad optics for an amazing view. The rangefinder calcater and wifi ios app make it easy to get your shooting experience from the comfort of your home. The android apps make it easy to keep track of your shooting progress and get alerts when your ammo is running low. The atn optics monoculars are a perfect tool for those who want to photographed in remote orattn optics areas with ease. The atn optics monoculars have a 384x288 thermal resolution and a 288x368 resolution. The android app has a set battery life of 10 hours, the app is iphone 8 and android 2. 3 software. The surveyor's glasses monoculars also have a battery life calculator to help users determine how much battery life it will take to achieve the same level of performance as with the atmos.